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All Exotics EXS Driver final in Golf Channel’s World Long event leads to 1-2 finish

Phillis Meti loans Exotics EXS Driver to opponent whose luggage was lost, only to lose by two yards to her own diver in the Finals.

Watch it via the Golf Channel

The No. 1 ranked women’s World Long Driver Phillis Meti entered the Tennessee Big Shots event on fire. She had won three of four live events held on the Golf Channel so far this season.


She then put up a near-perfect semi-final round in Tennessee Monday night with six of eight balls in the grid and an unbeatable longest drive of 346 yards with her Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver.

Meti moved into her fifth finals of the year as the perennial favorite and posted a 326-yard drive in the first round of the finals.

It turns out that the only thing that could beat Meti’s Exotics EXS Driver was another Exotics EXS Driver.

Her opponent in the finals was flying to the event from Milwaukee on Sunday, but got stuck in Charlotte. She hitched a ride from a Golf Channel employee who went through the same delay and got to her hotel on Monday morning at 4 a.m.

Using a borrowed Exotics EXS driver from Meti and competing on four hours sleep, the eventual winner beat the three-time world champion in the finals, when her next-to-last swing produced a drive of 328 yards with the very same driver Meti had won three events with this year.


In the previous event’s finals in Rochester, Meti had beaten her by two feet and seemed to be actually cheering for her opponent’s ball as it approached her yardage line on the Golf Channel telecast.


“This is such a good story,” said Meti. “She had no clubs and no clothes. We all pitched in and she bloody won with one of mine. The Long Drive family is something else. We rallied this morning for her and I am glad it worked out for her.”

The all Exotics EXS Driver finals led to the 4th WLD victory this year for the $299 driver.

“It felt really good to finally have a roll that went my way,” said the Tennessee Big Shots winner.

The winning 328-yard drive with the EXS produced a 116 MPH swing speed and a 172 MPH ball speed with a spin rate of 1653 to Meti’s 326-yarder with a 120 MPH swing speed, 177 MPH ball speed and 2542 RPM spin rate.

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