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Nicklaus stands out for more than his golf
I just read Jack Nicklaus’ “Letter to my Younger Self” in the Players’ Tribune. It should be mandatory reading for all PGA Tour professionals and anyone who is a fan of professional golf.

The class that Nicklaus demonstrates in his praise of Arnold Palmer, his dedication to family and his philanthropy and concern for children facing health challenges is truly inspirational. I would also argue that it is largely unmatched in golf, if not all of sport.

He is not just the greatest golfer of all time but perhaps the greatest human being who is a great athlete of all time. I fear that our great sport does not have anyone to whom Nicklaus’ torch may be handed. I knew he was a gentleman from a brief encounter when he played in a Senior Tour event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a long time ago, but I did not appreciate the depth and authenticity of his concern for his fellow man, and children in particular.

Mike Kukelko
Oak Bluff, Manitoba

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