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Give Spieth a break … and some space
I think it's fine for Jordan Spieth and his caddie to have words on the course during a round (“Caddies take shots despite hitting none,” June 14).

Spieth was wrong, but he's intense and competitive and was a little frustrated because he didn't execute the perfect shots at the time. I disagree with reader Jon Craig about the distance being the caddie's responsibility (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 15). They are a team, and Spieth simply didn't hit the shot the right distance. That’s not the caddie's fault.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to have all the microphones picking up every word that the players and caddies say. Can you imagine microphones in the huddles during timeouts in other sports? Or even scarier, hearing everything Tiger Woods said during his prime?

Dave Baydala
Murrieta, Calif.

From outside the Beltway, another way
Reader Charlie Jurgonis resides in the Washington, D.C., area, hence his proclivity to present just one side of the story (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 16).

I have collected many signed golf balls from players after serving as a walking scorekeeper, and there is no set formula for what the players do when their rounds are completed.

The players for whom I have scored have always introduced themselves to the walking contingent at the first tee. After the round, most players will express their appreciation by handing each of us a signed golf ball. Some do it as they leave the final green, but in my experience, most will do so after they leave the scoring area.

The cameras were on the golf course when Tiger Woods left the scoring area, so, unless Jurgonis has an eyewitness account, he needs to gather more facts before leaping to his predetermined conclusion.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

Machine Gun Kelly would have liked Mickelson
Before reader Charlie Jurgonis praises Phil Mickelson, he should look up the Dean Foods escapade (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 16).

The fact that Mickelson fakes his smiles and shakes hands with people … he tried to get away with a caper that would have made Machine Gun Kelly proud.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

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