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In one way, at least, Tiger Woods is back
Did you notice that when Tiger Woods walked off the ninth green (his last hole) Friday in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, he walked right past and completely ignored the official markers who walked with his group? Justin Rose, on the other hand, stopped and shook hands with each of them.

I won’t buy the defense that Woods was “hot” because of the way he finished his round. At this stage of his career, he’s going to have more failures than successes. Phil Mickelson recognized that a long time ago and makes himself accessible, regardless of his on-course performance.

It looks as if the “old Tiger” is back … and just not golfing his ball.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Yard for yard, Pebble Beach holds its own
Once again, Pebble Beach is proving that you don’t need an 8,000-yard course to make a tournament exciting.

David Coleman
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
(Coleman is a member of the PGA of America.)

That’s par for the course
Again this year, Fox Sports’ coverage of the U.S. Open is less than average.

We don't care about endless promos, great stories and a past-his-time English golf bureaucrat.

I am sick of wire-to-wire Tiger Woods coverage, with a glimpse of Phil Mickelson.

Show the golf!

Greg Wallace
Humble, Texas

Blame missed shots on Spieth, not caddie
Reader Jon Craig must be clairvoyant (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 15).

I always thought the players hit the ball the distance, not the caddie, and I always thought the players do their own yardage as well, to verify what they are thinking. They usually each carry a book.

Jordan Spieth was whining.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

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