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And now you know the rest of the story
I remember hearing the story about Neil Coles and his caddie, Arthur Maidment, but it had a tail to it (“Caddies take shots despite hitting none,” June 14).

After hitting his 4-wood to 4 feet, Coles turned to his caddie and said, “See, I was right.”

Maidment refused to concede. “But a 3-iron would have been even better,” he said.

Graham Brown
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Another distance debate in golf
I disagree with Alex Miceli on only one point (“Caddies take shots despite hitting none,” June 14).

Jordan Spieth hit two very good shots, not bad shots, on the eighth hole during Thursday’s first round of the U.S. Open. The distances were off, not the line.

Isn't distance a caddie’s responsibility?

Jon Craig
West End, N.C.

Mindless? Political? Oh, it’s just Van Sickle
Though I enjoyed Gary Van Sickle’s tongue-in-cheek article (“No whining, many birdies mark ‘fair’ Open,” June 14), especially his smackdown of the U.S. women’s soccer team, I don't need to read a mindless political comment in a golf article.

Joe Prairie
New London, N.C.

Calling out the Woods-Rose-Spieth group
While watching the U.S. Open on Friday, I noticed that the threesome of Tiger Woods, Justin Rose and Jordan Spieth fell two holes behind the group in front of them.

Will those who constantly complain about slow play – fans and writers – point out that group should have been put on the clock, or is it OK because it was Woods and Spieth, two favorites?

Bruce Allen
Forest Ranch, Calif.

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