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Memphis in Monterey? Pebble could get barbecued
I have been giving a lot of thought to this U.S. Open as Pebble Beach hosts for the sixth time (“Pebble Beach greets evolving U.S. Open,” June 11).

It is a gorgeous, iconic course that is celebrating its 100th year, but it is not really what I call a traditional U.S. Open venue. Pebble Beach is not a monster like Oakmont, nor is it tight like Olympic. Therefore, something must be accomplished via man to harness its toughness so that the course can hold up against today's strong young men.

OK, tune up the rough, tighten the fairways, slicken the greens and pray that the weather is neither totally windless nor gusting to 30-plus mph.

When I hear golfers say that driver will not be their primary tee-shot offering, I am disappointed. Shouldn't a U.S. Open be about driving the ball long and straight? Instead, it is going to be an iron-off-the-tee event. To me, that is not the U.S. Open.

Unless Mother Nature turns nasty this weekend, I look for the winning score to be at least 10 under, perhaps as much as 14 under. That’s more like what we would see at TPC Southwind.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

A vote for Bodenhamer
Great article by Dan O’Neill (“Pebble Beach greets evolving U.S. Open,” June 11).

For what it’s worth, thank goodness that John Bodenhamer succeeded Mike Davis at the USGA.

Craig Fraser
Beachwood, Ohio

Following Van Sickle’s shining example
Thank you, Gary Van Sickle, for your wonderful story about walking the 18th at Pebble Beach (“An illuminating evening at Pebble Beach,” June 11). I've become a fan through Morning Read.

As a retired teacher and coach, I've often thought of any legacy I might have passed on to former students. Van Sickle has what is very rare: a true feel for his readers.

Thanks again, for being my eyes and ears.

Dick Greenwood
Bradenton, Fla.

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