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Nobody ever said Miceli spreads roses and lollipops
Alex Miceli misinterprets Jack Nicklaus' statement (“Nicklaus likes Woods’ odds; don’t bet on it,” May 29).

Saying Woods is a favorite is not the same as saying Woods will win, just that he has a better-than-even chance. And, obviously it will not be by 15 shots. I don't see that happening again, for anyone.

I guess Miceli didn't have enough crow after the Masters. Yes, Woods missed the cut at the PGA Championship. I have a feeling that Woods has been working a little more to make sure his game is sharper. This week will be a good indicator.

Finally, when will Miceli let go of his obvious disdain for Woods? I'm not saying that he needs to spread roses and lollipops, but sheesh. Let it go.

James Wyatt
Bethesda, Md.

College golf’s version of four-corners offense
My goodness, what an ordeal at the NCAA Division I Golf Championship. It was impressive golf, but holy schnikies. It took a long time.

What is up with coaches getting to “coach” on every shot? Baseball coaches don’t get to talk to the pitcher before every pitch, or even every batter. I can think of no other sports situation in which the coach, with no time limit, can spend so much time discussing every option with his player on every shot.

With the powers-that-be in golf so concerned with pace of play, this kind of stuff sets a terrible example.

Steve Schmidt
Anderson, Ind.

Ah, those were the days
Everyone is complaining about how the golf ball has made older courses obsolete (“300 or bust: Power game reshapes Tour,” May 28).

Courses have to be longer to be competitive. If everyone can outdrive the course's hazards and doglegs, then narrow the bombers’ fairways with punitive rough. Give them a target to hit, but make it more challenging.

Let’s see whether they remember how to hit a 5-wood into a par 4.

Ed Capek
St. Augustine, Fla.

That’s the fact, Jack
I really enjoyed Gary Van Sickle’s piece on my all-time favorite golfer, Jack Nicklaus (“Tuesdays with Jack never get old,” May 29).

Good stuff. I can’t get enough of Nicklaus’ insight. Every now and then, he blocks one OB, but when he does, he always reloads.

Spencer Sappington
Milton, Ga.

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