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Chamblee turns down volume on Koepka dispute
I have never been a fan of Brandel Chamblee, but Alex Miceli wrote a good piece on the Golf Channel analyst (“Chamblee, on Koepka: He’s major enigma,” May 20).

Chamblee provided understandable, thoughtful answers to Miceli’s questions, and, as with so many of the differing opinions appearing in Morning Read, deserved to be heard.

Who knows? Maybe I won't mute the TV set when he speaks in the future.

Bruce Wyrwitzke
Astoria, Ore.

Illumination for Chamblee-Koepka tiff
Alex Miceli conducted a great interview with Brandel Chamblee (“Chamblee, on Koepka: He’s major enigma,” May 20)e.

I hope that a lot of folks read it. It sheds a new light on the whole issue of Chamblee vs. Brooks Koepka.

W. Charles “Charlie” Davison
Newport Beach, Calif.
(Davison is the chief executive and a co-founder of Todd Eckenrode-Origins Golf Design.)

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