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Daly deserves a break for his condition
I can’t believe the uproar over John Daly’s use of a cart at the PGA Championship (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 19).

Just because he has led a wild lifestyle, in some people’s minds, does not mean that he caused his condition of osteoarthritis. Daly earned his place at the tournament. He deserves to be there, no matter what condition he is in. If Jack Nicklaus or someone of a higher stature in the golf world were using a cart, this would be a non-issue. Because of Daly’s past, he would not even be welcomed if he were healthy.

As someone who recently has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, I would not be able to play anymore without the use of a cart. Though I was never good enough to play at that level, there are a lot of people with disabilities who can complete at that level and should be given the opportunity to try. I would like to see someone with a disability competing on the PGA Tour on a regular basis.

Do not judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

Al Binder
Castle Rock, Colo.

Daly ought to take his lumps and walk
As the Brits would intone, “Hear! Hear!” for those people who criticize John Daly on his entitled belief that as a past champion, he was deserving of a motorized cart to participate in the PGA Championship (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 19). Even I could have shot better, with or without assistance.

This is not a “people's event.” Only professionals are allowed, so the Americans with Disabilities Act should not apply.

John Daly has only himself to blame for his “disabilities” due to his abysmal lifestyle. He is not a special-case entity who can bend the rules.

Take your lumps, chump.

Kitty Russell

Woods should have taken a cue from Jim Brown
If an athlete wants to be considered the greatest of all-time, he/she needs to walk away while on top, like football's Jim Brown.

For Tiger Woods, getting beaten by 17 shots over two rounds, playing the same course and in the same group as Brooks Koepka, when he was favored to win the tournament, takes some of the shine off of his GOAT trophy.

Woods has a dilemma. His back, either physically or mentally, apparently won’t allow him to play multiple events; his game does not allow him to play at a high-enough level to compete in a small number of selected events. I still think time will show that his Masters win was the result of what a number of people didn’t do more so than what he did.

So much for his Masters win putting fear into a guy such as Koepka.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Stop picking on Spieth
Your writers are really quick to cut on a golfer, especially Jordan Spieth (“2 steps forward, 1 back for Spieth,” May 19).

But if you look at the facts, Spieth has outplayed a lot of players who are getting great raves, including Rory Mcllroy, Jason Day, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and a lot more. I have not seen anyone bad-mouthing them. Just Spieth.

I've always said that if you can't say anything good about someone, don't say anything at all. CBS even quit showing Spieth’s shots after he got to 2 under in the PGA Championship, and was still showing other players who were way over par.

Larry Bishop
Hermiston, Ore.

Spieth should think less and play more
I like Jordan Spieth a lot (“2 steps forward, 1 back for Spieth,” May 19). However, he is way too involved in the process of playing instead of just playing. He knows how to play. All of the guys on the PGA Tour know how to play.

Spieth fidgets and second-guesses. He suffers from paralysis by analysis. He is over-analyzing everything. He must take 300 practice swings in a round. He even adjusts his shirt sleeves during interviews. What the heck is that? He is on the brink of ruining a potentially great career. He reminds me of David Duval in the sense of goofing around with changes to improve his game and never got it back.

Spieth will win again, maybe. I hope so. Tremendous potential, but right now his head is in the way of his game.

John Seiter
The Villages, Fla.

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