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From pandering to Pandora
Watching John Daly riding around on a golf cart at the PGA Championship was cringe-worthy, at best. I believe the PGA of America made a poor decision in this case and one that it might regret.

Pandora’s box has been opened, and I think there will be other cases of people with physical limitations vying for the same treatment in the future.

The Americans with Disabilities Act certainly has benefited people in their quest for access and equal opportunity in our society, but this is a competition in which there must be rules to which all must adhere.

The PGA looks very weak by caving to Daly’s request. I also think the USGA was wrong to do the same with Casey Martin years ago.

Mark my words: They will rue the day.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

One or the other
A new cart rule that should be implemented for all professional tours and USGA events (including senior tours), starting next week: Players have the option to take a motorized cart or a caddie, but not both.

Chris Connor
Moseley, Va.

There’s no mistaking N.Y. fans for Masters patrons
I’m sitting in my living room Saturday afternoon, watching the PGA, and though I’m enjoying the golf, I find the demeanor of a number of the fans in the gallery to be rude and boring.

A lot has been said about the “great” New York fans, but frankly, the behavior of makes me think I’m watching a Giants-Eagles football game.

Give me the Masters fans any day.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

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