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Perhaps Daly needs different ‘obligation’
John Daly said Thursday that he loves playing in the PGA Championship and that, as a past champion, it is his “obligation” to do so. Hmm … obligation?

To do so, he demanded a cart, chain smokes, has a knee the size of a grapefruit and further had zero chance of playing on the weekend. But it is his obligation.

Perhaps his obligation would be better spent on an understanding that golf at the PGA of America's ultimate event was meant to be walked.

I believe that the PGA of America is so afraid of losing its non-profit tax status that it gave in quickly to Daly's demand to ride, so as not to create waves, which Daly surely would have created for the organization.

Golf fans can root for or against whomever they choose, and so I can root for or against whomever I choose. I hope Daly spilled his fourth Diet Coke all over himself upon hitting a bump Friday on his way to No. 10.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

A comparison that we’ll never get to make
Would someone take five years out of the middle of Tiger Woods’ and Jack Nicklaus' careers and see where they would stand on majors and wins? (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 17).

Ben Hogan lost five of his years due to World War II and his car crash. It would be interesting to see what the numbers would have looked like.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

Faulty connection
The whole question of who is better, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, in the vernacular of an attorney, is moot (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 17). But, then, I was only an electrician.

Bobby Jones answered the question nicely.

Bruce Wyrwitzke
Astoria, Ore.

New York and PGA form all-star pairing
This PGA Championship is so much more entertaining than most others I've watched. I don't know if it is due to the new May date, the New York fans or that Tiger Woods played so poorly.

I love the New York fans. Once they got over their idolatry, they focused on some really good play. It’s refreshing to see fans cheering loudly for all golfers.

Kudos to Bethpage State Park and the Black Course. What a great showing.

I can't wait for weekend.

Steve Hoffman
Hickory Hills, Ill.

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