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Hoping for a hit in Houston
It certainly is too bad that the Houston Open lost its springtime date when Shell bowed out as title sponsor (“Tour messes with Texas, eroding a legacy,” May 7). It’s also too bad that other businesses in Houston were dealing with the disastrous fallout from Hurricane Harvey at the time (many people are still out of their homes), and PGA Tour sponsorship was the least of their worries.

Jim Crane, who owns baseball’s Houston Astros, has picked up the mantle of title sponsor with his Houston Astros Foundation. After seeing the hoops that the city of Houston had to jump through in order to satisfy the PGA Tour, it’s a wonder that any tournament can find a title sponsor.

Crane has taken over from the Houston Golf Association, and the event is already a major factor in the total renovation of the municipal Memorial Park Golf Course in central Houston. The event will be held in October and moved from the Golf Club of Houston next year. We are looking forward to returning to a venue that previously hosted the Houston Open in the 1950s and early ’60s, is served by public transportation and is centrally located. Weather is always a concern in an outdoor event, but early October is still very warm in Houston and hurricane season is still in full swing.

I hope that we can get our springtime date back, but with the Players and four consecutive majors taking up the calendar, I am not optimistic.

Daryl Lott

Tiger Woods got a medal, and I am not convinced (“In the news,” May 7).

Woods has increased purses exponentially on the PGA Tour. He has shown us several instances of how not to live your life. He has a great foundation that I am sure does wonderful things for kids. He has come back from physical ailments to win golf's top tournament. He has not increased the actual playing of golf rounds, nor has he helped get American minorities to the PGA Tour.

I am not convinced.

I was convinced with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and especially Charlie Sifford, the other golfers to have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

So Tiger got a medal. I am not convinced. Are you?

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

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