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It’s time for golf to face the music
In response to reader Jim Kavanagh (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 3): If guys will not play unless they have their music blaring – and I have played with guys like that – then the game is going in the wrong direction. Just because I have played for more than 50 years in quiet does not mean that it is wrong in today's world.

If everyone in the foursome says OK, then I couldn’t care less. But if one person objects, that means shut the music. The game for most of us is about a single moment of perfect concentration, and the distraction is damaging.

I always go back to the real reason golf suffers, and that remains the inevitable fact that it is, more than any other game, a legacy activity. If your parent(s) did not play, then you probably will not play. It is that simple, not because you cannot blare music.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

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