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Give Woods some credit; he knows better
I’ve been reading a lot of articles and reader comments talking about how Tiger Woods had the advantage of watching several opponents hit it into the water on No. 12 at Augusta National during the final round of the Masters (“Simply the best because he believes it,” April 23); (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 24; April 25).

Here’s the thing: Woods has played Augusta National for more than 20 years, and he never was going to go at the pin on No. 12 on Sunday. It’s a sucker pin placement.

Woods knows it. When he rolled out of bed Sunday morning, he knew exactly where he was going to play his tee shot on No. 12 (as well as the other 17 holes).

Woods won the Masters because of some breaks given him by his opponents, and by how he played the whole course.

James Wyatt
Bethesda, Md.

Europeans win with their shot-making
I’m siding with Julie Williams on the Ryder Cup comments (“Pros give fans a peek inside the bubble,” April 24); (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 25).

You can talk course setup and all kinds of things as to why the Euros would have an “advantage,” but at the end of the day, they hit the shots that they needed, and we didn’t. It all comes down to that. If it comes down to course setup, explain how they shellacked us in 2012 in Chicago, where we should have had a home-court advantage. Repeat after me: They hit the shots, and we didn’t.

After the French slaughter, if that doesn’t translate to dominance, I don’t know what does.

While many of the Euros hone their game over here at the collegiate level, there’s still the passion of playing for your country that can’t be discounted. It’s so different growing up in Europe, surrounded by different cultures and history, and I believe there is more pride of where one comes from than here. I think they will always have that chip on their collective shoulders of being the underdogs when faced against our Learjet millionaires, even though they’ve dominated us for some time now.

Tony Baynard
Thompsonville, Mich.

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