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Give Woods his due, regardless
Reader Kenneth C. Taylor seems to be unhappy that Tiger Woods still moves the needle in golf journalism (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 13). I, too, was golfing before Woods was born and perhaps before Taylor was, as well. However, that fact does not restrict me from acknowledging that Woods has had the most profound impact on golf since Arnold Palmer.

Woods and his game are the genus behind the equipment explosion, golf fashion, golf TV, tournament prize money and overall golf awareness. To state otherwise is simply incorrect.

I would ask how it is that his daughters have grown up to play golf yet have apparently no knowledge of who Tiger Woods is or it seems have not even heard of him? What rock do you live under that one of the most well-known people in the world is unheard of in your home?

I'm neither a Tiger lover nor hater, but I certainly recognize his place in golf history, past, present and future.

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

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