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Making the connection
I second Robin Dea’s opinion that the LPGA Amateur Golf Association provides great opportunities for women to play golf. Locally, we have a golf or networking event each month. Also, as a member, I have been welcomed to play with chapters in other states even though I didn’t know a soul. I have played in many of the competitive events over the years, traveling and playing at some fine golf courses.  

But the most important benefit of membership is the friends I have made. When my husband and I moved our family from Baltimore to Jacksonville, leaving all our friends and family behind, we were starting all over. My job at CSX had been moved to the southern headquarters. Our boys were young and adaptable, and had no trouble adjusting to new schools and new friends. [My husband] Jim went back to school to get his Masters degree and teaching certificate. They were happy. I was homesick. For four years after our move, being a baseball mom was my only social outlet. Jim was the manager and I kept all the stats. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all those years of travel baseball, but the boys were not going to play forever. I needed another hobby.  

My friend had been after me for some time to join what was then the Executive Women's Golf Association. When our younger son stopped playing baseball, I finally agreed. That was 1997 and since then I have made dozens of new friends and played countless rounds of golf. I love everything about the game. I love the friends I have met. Since then I have joined several other golf associations, but no golf organization is as welcoming as LPGA Amateurs. I am a proud and grateful member. #Driveon.

— Ginny Kavanagh | St. Augustine, Fla.

Violate the rule, incur a penalty — it's that simple
I read with interest Eamon Lynch's comments [in The Weekly Briefing’s Quoteworthy section, March 23] about the pros pleading intent. He was right on and the pros need to understand if you violate the rules then there is a penalty. I think I probably know more about the rules than they do, and I'm no official. It's just that if you read the rules you pick up on most of the things you need to know. If the situation isn't straightforward then call in an official.

— Michael Merrill | McKinney, Texas

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