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Gambling would lure wrong type of fans to golf
I love Morning Read but must take exception to Alex Miceli’s article on gambling and the PGA Tour (“It’s a lock: Gambling will lift fan interest,” March 26).

Miceli states that gambling would lift fan interest, but among which fans? Are these true golf fans or fans of gambling?

I know of too many sports fans whose only interest is the gambling side, whether it is straight gambling or fantasy gambling. In the case of golf, how many are actually playing the game, buying equipment and helping to grow the game by introducing it to their children or others? I suspect that the answer is, not many.

Maybe they would be watching golf only to see the outcome related to their bets, without any real interest in golf.

To those folks, it is easier just to place a bet and then watch only if their player is in contention. Their clubs sit in a closet collecting dust. These are not the fans golf needs. If by chance they occasionally venture onto a course, it might be just for the gambling element and not the joy of the game. Thus, the rest of us have to endure six-hour rounds while they refuse to concede a 2-inch putt.

Golf is a game of integrity. Do we need gambling interests getting too involved and forcing players to announce well in advance a possible injury? Many golfers play hurt, because if they don’t play, they don’t get paid. Some will start a tournament with hopes of being able to compete but just can’t finish due to injury.

Golf does not need outside influences, which would cause players to make decisions not based on their best interest or that of the game. The PGA Tour now has to be cognizant of gambling concerns.

Golf has more important concerns than gambling.

Jim Tulloch
Paramus, N.J.

A heady match for golf: Marijuana vs. booze
Having scanned the reader responses on marijuana use in golf, it really seems hypocritical to ignore alcohol use (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 26).

If you queried pro golfers on whether they had ever teed off after having a few at the bar, I would bet that most would admit to it off the record.

And what does alcohol do? It relaxes you. Will you play better? Some will; some won’t. And what does marijuana do? It relaxes you, or so I’m told.

So, what’s the difference? I can just visualize the jacket-and-tie set striding up to the first tee with a breathalyzer and asking John Daly to blow for them. What fun!

So, while everyone salutes the flag of integrity with one hand, they’ll probably be holding a gin and tonic in the other.

Tony Baynard
Thompsonville, Mich.

Thanks for the morning chuckle
Thanks for the bits of humor you inject into the reader-feedback forum.

Your introduction to the letters make me laugh out loud, the latest being, “smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 26).

I’m a big fan.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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