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Raise rough on Tour and emphasize accuracy
The PGA Tour should change its name to the Long Ball Tour.

An example: Roy McIlroy hitting 9-iron for his second shot into the par-5 16th hole Sunday in the final round of the Players Championship.

If the Tour doesn’t start raising the rough on these long-ball guys, we are going to never hear the names of some of the best young players. Even if they hit it 300 yards, they still are 50 yards behind some of these guys. I will take the player hitting wedge versus 8-iron all day long.

Raise the rough to about 4 inches starting about 310 yards out, and players you never heard of will be on the PGA Tour.

Make the long-ball hitters pay for not hitting it long and straight. Jordan Spieth is one of those players.

Doug Bailess
The Woodlands, Texas

Don’t fret about Honda, but Texas could be a mess
The last thing in the world that golf fans should do is worry about the Honda Classic or any of the Florida Swing events (“Players’ shift to March hurts Florida Swing,” March 19).

I understand Mike Purkey’s point, that these are venerable events with long-standing sponsors, but they are so entrenched in their respective communities that attendance is not diminished by a few great players not showing up.

Example: Tiger Woods did not play the Honda this year, and the tournament still topped 200,000 in total attendance for the week, the second-highest attendance in tournament history. Feeling sorry for the Honda is not on my list.

The tournament to be hurt the most will be the Valero Texas Open, also a venerable event that now falls the week before the Masters. It will be an easy skip for most players.

The reason this schedule change was instituted was, as Purkey pointed out, to end the season by Labor Day and the start of football season.

There were going to be some schedule adjustments by the top players. No big deal.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

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