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Hawkins nailed it regarding state of the game
Being a lifelong sports junkie, I appreciate the important role that sportswriters play in assisting fans of any sport to better understand and review current events and situations in that sport.

John Hawkins' article in Tuesday’s Morning Read (“Tour should stop appeasing its lower tier,” March 12) was an excellent article which hit the nail right on the head. It was well written, and it conveyed what likely are the sentiments of many golf fans from around the globe.

Additionally, much to the chagrin of certain readers of Morning Read, I am in total agreement with the comment submitted by Charlie Jurgonis (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 12). It has been suggested good-naturedly in professional golf that caddies should show up, keep up and shut up. There are certain caddies working on the PGA Tour who think the fans come out to watch them.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

Yesterday’s stars would have embraced modern game
I have to respectfully disagree with reader Bob Sheppard’s letter about ability versus technology as well as the complexity of the Rules of Golf (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 12).

First, the rules are complex, designed for tournament golf, and have little relevance to the recreational player. And there are now 24, not 34.

Next, I cannot imagine Walter Hagen, Byron Nelson, or Sam Snead rejecting the opportunity to have better information available to them. That is a ludicrous assertion. Did they arrive at the course in a horse and buggy or one of those newfangled motorcars?

As for feel and creativity, please observe the games of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and other modern players who are burdened with technology.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.
(Kavanagh is a senior rules official with the Florida State Golf Association.)

Don’t leave Dodson out of the discussion
I personally do not believe you can have a conversation about golf writers without including James Dodson (“A dead solid perfect ode to Dan Jenkins,” March 11).

George Shutt
Orlando, Fla.

Worth more than just a glance
Morning Read, golf at a glance” might consider a name change.

The historical perspective offered by correspondent John Fischer (“Dyes’ island 17th: For a copy, it’s perfect,” March 12) and readers Gene Richard and Bob Sheppard (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 12) reminds readers of the depth and breadth of our favorite sport. Wonderful to learn, much to appreciate, this daily dose of golf is a must read. Keep up the great dialogue.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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