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Don’t let golf resemble a Chuck Knoblauch at-bat
I enjoyed Adam Schupak’s article about Brooks Koepka (“Koepka, outspoken? It’s a major change,” Feb. 28).

Please allow me to talk about another sport.

Since I started following baseball, games have lengthened by more than 30 minutes. There are many things that have caused this trend, but I blame Chuck Knoblauch.

The former second baseman, who played on the Twins’ 1991 World Series champions, had to step out of the batter’s box after each pitch to redo his batting gloves. Major League Baseball has taken steps during the past few years to speed up play. Officials recognized that the only person in the country who enjoyed these longer games was New York Yankees announcer John Sterling, because he got to talk for an extra half hour each game.

With that said, the biggest side effect of Knoblauch is now that every kid in Little League has to step out of the batter’s box after each pitch to adjust his or her gloves. Little League games are insufferably long.

Each week, millions of golfers are watching PGA Tour players take forever on the greens and slightly shorter than forever to pick a club from the fairway. Tour players influence all golfers, and slow play is being replicated by amateurs. There is not much more aggravating than having someone in your group take a minute to line up a putt for triple bogey.

Bravo to Brooks Koepka. His efforts to speed up play will help all of us.

David Fulton
Parsippany, N.J.

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