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Pebble’s pricey Pacific premium
If the course at Pebble Beach were moved inland – say, 30 miles – would you pay the $500 or so as presently charged to play it? In other words, does the layout command the price, or do the views command the price?

I suspect that no one would pay $500 to play the course without the views. If so, then when I hear how great the course is, people don't mean the holes are that remarkable, but the views are.

As far as Pebble Beach being a public course, it is only in the sense that anyone with a few thousand dollars can play. Airfare to get there, lodging and meals all add up to a very expensive round of golf.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

A game that stands alone
Great stuff on perseverance by Alex Miceli (“Generations apart but sharing a dream,” Feb. 8).

There is no other game that provides an opportunity to compete at the highest levels, regardless of age.

Scott Dolven
Pewaukee, Wis.

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