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Another angle on the ‘alignment rule’
Reader Jim Kavanagh is relaxed about the "alignment rule" for us ordinary golfers, which is good, and he writes “having someone line up the shot diminishes the skill required to play the game. Most of us are happy to make solid contact, with the hope that we got the clubface square to the line” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Feb. 7).

That's the reason the rule applies to us as well as pros, so that we can't have our partner making up for our wonky eyesight by squaring up our putter face for us. Not that it would help much, as we don't return it at the same angle too often.

I can't see the controversy that reader Dennis Horvath describes in the same forum. Of course other players will learn something when they see others putt, and it might be useful to them, but the rule applies to the player putting, not to those observing. If you don't want another player to learn from your putt, get your approach closer to the hole and make him putt first.

Terry Wall
Winchester, England

Well, apparently it is too much to ask
Is it too much to ask that the player pay attention to where his or her caddie is and, if necessary, say, “You need to move”?

Is it too much to ask that the caddie pay attention to what his or her player is doing and stay out of the way?

You would think that with a two-stroke penalty at stake that both parties could do it.

Bob Jones
Salem, Ore.

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