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Garcia’s latest tantrum extends childish pattern
I became a Sergio Garcia fan when he first ran and jumped his way onto the golf scene during the 1999 PGA Championship at Medinah. He was an exciting new kid on the block and just what the PGA Tour needed.

In his exuberance for the game, his emotions sometimes were over the top, but he seemed like such a lovable kid who might just give Tiger Woods a run for his money. I witnessed Garcia being sweet to a couple of little girls who were following him at the Players Championship. He was adorable in the Michelob ads. He was a Ryder Cup hero. What’s not to like?

But then he spit into the cup at Doral. Not only was it a disgusting act, but it showed a total disregard for those who had the misfortune of playing behind him. Maybe he had a momentary loss of control for which he should be forgiven. I wanted to forgive him. But his mini-tantrums have continued over the years.

He did it again last weekend. He lost control at the Saudi International (“Spaniards steer Garcia toward apology,” Feb. 4). He showed his disregard for his fellow competitors by repeatedly and willfully damaging the greens on which he played and on which he knew they must follow. His peers did not let him get away with it this time. He earned his disqualification.

One slam on one green is a mistake. Several slams on several greens (as well as a bunker) is a pattern of selfish, childish behavior, not a single “mistake.”

It is time for El Niño to grow up.

Ginny Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

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