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Without Miller, NBC boosts Tiger Fan Club
A bunch of us were sitting around our club last fall when it was announced that Paul Azinger would be taking over for Johnny Miller as NBC’s analyst. Great, we sighed. Just another reason not to watch golf on television (“Miller to sign off this week as best in golf,” Jan. 29).

Sure, it made sense if you're NBC. Another Tiger Woods lover in the fold. But doesn't the guy already have enough industry sycophants? Hire someone who's occasionally halfway objective.

Golf coverage does not need another TV personality cozying up to Woods. Heaven knows, the Golf Channel gang has that covered.

Ross MacDonald
Cambridge, Ontario

Li deserved 2-stroke penalty for caddie’s aid
I disagree with those who say that the penalty levied against Haotong Li on Sunday in Dubai was wrong (“$100,000 question: Why penalize Li?” Jan. 29).

Li was clearly in his stance to make his putting attempt. The caddie should not have been behind the player. That the caddie or player was not aware of what was going on (a rules violation) is not an excuse. Had they been aware, the player simply could have stepped back and restarted his routine, as Rule 10.2b(4) states.

The comment that there was no malice intended and no advantage gained is irrelevant. Players virtually never break rules on purpose.

Was it unfortunate? Of course it was. Rules seldom are flexible, especially in golf.

Move on to something more interesting.

Dick Hunt
Penryn, Calif.

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