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Don’t be so easily offended
If Robin Dea read all of the postings by Jim Kavanagh, she’d know that the one thing he does not have is a negative “underlying opinion of females” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 22).

Kavanagh has written many words to Morning Read about how to make the LPGA a better product and how men should give the female professionals more appreciation.

I personally would not have used the comment “a middle-school girl having a bad hair day” to describe Justin Thomas. I would have used “spoiled brat, privileged son of a golf professional.” But I suppose we’re both on the mark.

Let’s not get all jacked up about off-the-cuff comments where people have to go out of their way to find a part that may be offensive to them. This is a golf forum, and we’re all golfers. Let’s stick to drops, divots, flagstick and other golf-related issues that hit close to home. Leave the dissecting of what people are because of what they say to Washington.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

A simpler solution
Regarding the knee-height drop rule (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 22), here is how to speed up the game: Just make the rule read, "Simply place the ball at rest in the determined placement area.”

Done. No complaints, no muss, no fuss.

That did not take long, right? Geez.

Nicholas Leipzig
Mount Prospect, Ill.

Tweak language of drop rule
The drop rule should be slightly modified to read “knee height or higher.” That would take care of the complaints without affecting the intent of the change.

Bill Rausch
Richland, Wash.

An attempt to toy with USGA, R&A
Here is a suggestion to address the concerns about the new drop rule – e.g., tall person vs. short person, inside the drop area, etc. (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 22).

Each walking rules official should be outfitted with a hula-hoop device the size of the drop area. Also, there should be a Stimpmeter-type device, the length equal to the average knee height, thus standardizing the process. It would be another way to make the rules equitable to all.

And more gadgets for the serious amateurs among us, so pace of play might be shorter.

The development of these items should occupy the attention of the ruling bodies for years.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

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