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Golf’s 80/20 formula adds up to 108
Reader Ed Mitchell is comparing apples to oranges regarding the benefits of modern equipment (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 15). A “serious golfer” is subjective, at best. Plus, Mitchell references a touring pro and not the weekend warrior.

I’m not going to argue that better clubs are not better to have. Sure, my 30-year-old Tommy Armour Silver Scot Collector No. 734 pitching wedge is not as good as my new 56-degree Vokey wedge with a 12-degree bounce. Blindfold that weekend warrior and put both clubs in his (or her) hand and see whether the results would be better or the same.

Weekenders must practice with whatever is in their hands. Put the best, most technologically advanced, highest-priced clubs in the hands of 80 percent of golfers in the world and they still will write down a 108 on the scorecard. That leaves 20 percent of the golfers to buy and experience the grandeur and benefits of that technology.

Kenneth Taylor
Fort Worth, Texas

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