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Would a mini-roller count as a 15th club?
I liked Gary Van Sickle’s column Wednesday morning (“New year features many fresh storylines,” Jan. 2). I have a few thoughts to share with you.

New rules: When I practice short putts, I put a water bottle in the hole and practice hitting that. Believe me, you can't miss, because you're trying to hit something that is there (a bottle) rather than something that isn't there (a hole). The feeling of something being in the hole carries over to the course, but now I'm going to be leaving the pin in a lot to have an actual target. If Bryson DeChambeau is the only player who does it on the PGA Tour (because it looks funny, or it's not manly, or whatever), the rest of them are idiots. As for spike marks, and being able to touch the line of the putt now, how about bringing along a mini-roller to smooth out the entire line of your putt?

Triple crown: We're never satisfied, are we?

Guides of March: I'm not sure how many golf viewers know how small that 17th green at TPC Sawgrass really is. Even being so close, it's a difficult target to hit. With wind? Hoo, boy.

Now batting second: What you described is just a British Open warmup. Nothing to worry about.

Down Under par: Does anyone besides touring pros pay attention to the Presidents Cup, a virtual Silly Season event?

History Channel: I get Morning Read, Golf World, and GolfWRX Morning 9 in my mailbox during the week. If I see the word Tiger in the subject line, I delete the message without reading it. Seriously. I'm tired of this childish hero worship by the press. I've had enough.

Happy Gilmore: I can't wait until Cameron Champ picks apart Augusta National like it's an executive course.

Golf for dummies: Yet another Silly Season-like event. This is what you get when you try to create a tradition rather than letting one evolve, especially in a sport that doesn't lend itself to this sort of thing – unlike auto racing, the inspiration for the whole affair.

Bob Jones
Salem, Ore.

One more New Year’s resolution
All we need is one more change (“New year features many fresh storylines,” Jan. 2): Require the pros to play “ready golf."

Joe Matula
Palos Park, Ill.

‘Bad’ girls need not apply
I disagree with reader Rennie Maybee, who suggested that more “bad” girls on the LPGA would equal more coverage for the tour (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 2).

With that line of thinking, how about an 18th-hole flag pole dance instead or a flagstick? Or a wet-T-shirt contest after the winner’s jump into the water at the ANA Inspiration?

That kind of attitude ruins it for thousands of guys like me who enjoy playing and watching a game played by men and women and respect the swing of the club and not the swing of their asses.

Kenneth C. Taylor
Fort Worth, Texas

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