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Grow the game? Start with longer fairways
Like most golfers, my handicap is increasing at the same rate as my age. But whether in my long-gone youth with a 7 handicap or now with a frustrating 16, I always have found it easier to hit the ball from the first cut, with my ball sitting up just a bit, rather than a tightly mowed fairway (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 19).

Too many courses accommodate the 5-10 percent of their golfers who prefer a tight lie from which they can spin the ball. If fairways were kept a quarter- or half-inch longer, the game would be easier and more enjoyable for the vast majority of golfers, and the fairways much healthier.

Robert Reilly
Latham, N.Y.

Patrick who?
I recall an interview that Patrick Reed had several years ago when he declared himself to be among the top five players in the world, yet hardly anyone knew who he was. After that TV interview, he kind of faded away for a while (“Bad-boy Reed gives golf an edge,” Dec. 19).

It is difficult to like the guy, and I just choose to ignore him.

Russ Friedewald
Springfield, Ill.

That #&*@%$! Reed is no good for golf
Regarding Patrick Reed: It’s one thing being an [expletive deleted]. It’s quite another appearing to be proud of it (“Bad-boy Reed gives golf an edge,” Dec. 19).

No, he isn’t good for the game. Not that he cares.

Timothy Vice
Margate, Fla.

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