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Golf need not be so difficult, even for puritans
Daniel Cahill's letter leads me to believe that he grew up in some puritanical cult (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 12).

Where in the traditions of golf does it say that the game has to be too hard for many and too complicated for most? We play golf for recreation and enjoyment, not self-flagellation.

And just how far back do we go to establish a "tradition"? The sand wedge was an innovation that changed the game. Steel shafts have become quite the thing. Feathery balls don't work so well with our modern equipment. And I know lots of players who never will be single-digit players no matter how good their equipment.

I congratulate the USGA on the new rules, and I urge the stuffed shirts to do even more in the future. Golf courses generally are populated by old white-hairs who enjoy talking about the good old days. Really, I just love adding a penalty stroke for accidentally moving my ball on the green. In fact, let's make that a two-stroker!

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

Add slow play, poor TV coverage to 2018 hit list
The biggest golf stories of the year were how Brooks Koepka is still flying under the radar and why Tiger Woods continues to get so much TV coverage (“2018 features best of golf’s past and future,” Dec. 12).

The next-biggest story should be how long rounds are taking and the poor quality of televised golf coverage. More and more fans DVR golf because of the lack of action and the length of rounds.

Gary Cohen
Great Neck, N.Y.

Lenient cart policy can be a game-changer
Regarding reader Peter Rosenfeld’s comment about golfers’ shared responsibility in maintaining the golf course (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 10): I still can swing a club, but I have a very hard time walking. My local pro does all he can to help me play by allowing me to go to the ball knowing that I will not mar the course, tee or green.

Without this courtesy, I couldn’t play but nine holes, and sometimes not even those.

Bob Jones
Idaho Falls, Idaho

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