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Don’t blame caddies for slow play
I read in amazement your reader’s derogatory comments toward PGA Tour caddies with his “creed” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 3).

There is no such “creed” among the professional caddies of the world. These people make their living with their expertise and immense skills, assisting the best players in the world.

I am incredulous as to how someone with virtually no clue could make such a general statement toward an entire group of hard-working people. Blaming slow play on caddies is bordering on insane. I have never seen a caddie hit a shot during a tournament round.

The European Tour has it right with its shot clock being tested. Most other sports have one, and golf continues to live in the dark ages, missing the point as to slow play. It does not matter whose “fault” it is – player, caddie, coach, whoever. Each player should have 30 seconds to strike his shot. Period.

The USGA is moving closer to wrapping its arms around this problem with a “suggestion” for the new rules next year, but it still misses the mark.

To your reader who slammed caddies, you are entitled to your opinion, indeed, but it is rude to make across-the-board comments toward a group of people working so hard for a living. You know not what you are talking about.

Russ Holden
Coral Springs, Fla.
(Holden, a PGA of America member and former PGA Tour caddie, is the founder and chief executive officer of Caddy For A Cure.)

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