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Long, one-sided and ‘no credible value’
In his article on the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match, John Hawkins overdid even his sometimes-skewed views on the sport of golf (“Next time, maybe Barkley should play,” Nov. 26).

It’s too long of an essay, with no credible value to the common people who pay his wages. Quite possibly, even Hawkins could have at least found room for maybe one sentence or comment that would have mentioned the charity aspect of this match.

As is Hawkins’ usual forte, only one side of any issue is presented.

Tom Daniels
St. Marys, Pa.

Different approaches
Tiger Woods apparently just showed up, and Phil Mickelson prepared for their match (“Next time, maybe Barkley should play,” Nov. 26). It shows how stupid the whole thing was: One guy thought it was the U.S. Open while the other guy thought it was an afternoon walk with a friend for some laughs and pocket change.

For this concept to ever really work, the players must have the same or at least similar mindset. I never could understand why Woods agreed to the match in the first place, except to give his sponsors a reward for staying with him during his life issues. For Mickelson, in his never-ending pursuit of attention, it was more than enough incentive.

I hope that the $9 million goes to some great cause and helps humanity.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Rooting for a one-and-done
John Hawkins’ article confirmed what I thought this travesty would be, and what it turned out to be (“Next time, maybe Barkley should play,” Nov. 26). I hope this is a one-off scheme.

Ted Comstock
Lancaster, N.H.

Subterranean solution
Regarding reader Charlie Jurgonis, who wrote, “First of all, I have to confess that I watched the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match. I figured, Why not spend $20 for five hours of golf entertainment when I’ve spent $400 for the latest and greatest driver that claims will add 10 yards ... and after a couple of rounds, it’s in the basement with the other latest and greatest.” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 26).

Please contact Mr. Jugonis for me and let him know that I’m willing to spring for “The Match 2” if he will allow me to clean his basement for free while he watches.

Timothy Vice
Margate, Fla.

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