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Play ‘ready golf,’ not head-cover shuffle
I endorse the comments submitted by Bobby K. Goforth on “ready golf” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 21). They’re all good points, and players who understand pace of play comply with them.

When I read his comment on the head covers, the bells and whistles started going off for me. This is something that has bothered me for years. I've finally decided that the people who do this after every shot want their golf bag and clubs to look like a photo in a golf magazine. They are not interested in playing golf but rather in conveying an image of someone who enjoys playing golf. This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder more than a pace-of-play problem. They could sit in their backyard and go through this drill.

Golfers, especially those who play on public courses, should make it a priority to understand and learn how to play ready golf whenever they play. It will enhance the enjoyment for everyone on the course.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

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