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LPGA, other leagues should stop going to China
Ron Yujuico's letter saying that the Chinese government's heavy-handed action toward Shanshan Feng and Yu Liu was a backward step for China is spot-on (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 29). In response, the LPGA should immediately cancel the Blue Bay LPGA tournament scheduled for Nov. 7-10 in China.

In fact, I have a hard time with any U.S. sports league playing in China.

In 2017, the NBA moved its all-star game out of North Carolina to protest that state's "bathroom law" regarding transgender people, saying the law did not reflect the NBA's values. Yet, the NBA and other sports leagues happily play in a country where the laws are far more oppressive and whose leaders regularly violate basic standards of human rights.

It's time for all sports leagues to put principle before profit when it comes to China, and the LPGA should be the first to do so.

Mark Harman
Ridgeland, S.C.
(Harman is the national course director for the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation.)

Root for Americans in Ryder Cup, regardless
I disagree with the reader who wrote about Phil Mickelson (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 30).

I have enjoyed these many years watching Mickelson. Tom Watson, the 2014 Ryder Cup captain, got everything he deserved after the loss. He tried to be a tyrant and got stepped on. He was totally out of touch with today’s players and how things operate. No sympathy.

What Mickelson did at the U.S. Open (“Mickelson, USGA disgrace U.S. Open,” June 17) was out of frustration and has happened at least twice on the PGA Tour. Both other times, the penalty was the same: two strokes. Read your rulebook, and it is clear. As to whether Mickelson should have done it: probably not. The crowd the next day totally embraced his actions, so there are a lot of people who disagree that it wasn't appropriate. I laughed with the crowd.

I think an attitude of pulling for a member of our Ryder Cup team to fail is reprehensible. Even though I thought Watson was wrong for a captain and had the wrong attitude, I still hoped and pulled for us to win.

We need new blood on our team. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson should not be on the team, ever again. Both have poor records, even when they were younger and playing well. That being said, I hope the next captain makes decisions for members based solely on what's best for the team and not out of nostalgia.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

And another thing …
Gary Van Sickle obviously forgot to point out that the use of all these green-reading materials also will help speed up the game (“Golf’s new rules could turn pros into cons,” Oct. 30). LMAO!

Timothy Vice
Margate, Fla.

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