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Mickelson thrills with go-for-broke style
I must admit that I, too, found the harsh criticism of the John Hawkins article surprising, and I also am surprised by what seems to be so much animosity toward Phil Mickelson (“Mickelson nears end, but does he know it?” Oct. 25).

One cannot deny that Mickelson likely is not the player he once was, but few of us are, save for in our own minds.

To me, Phil Mickelson always has been the guy whom we all think we are on the golf course. He looks at that 220-yard carry over the water into the wind, knows he probably can't do it and then tries anyway, just like you and me at some point in every round.

That's what golf is about, and that is what will always make Mickelson the everyday guy’s player.

Keep going for it, Phil, and have some fun while you do.

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

The inside story on Mickelson
John Hawkins, I’ve always enjoyed your candor (“Mickelson nears end, but does he know it?” Oct. 25). This article about Phil Mickelson needs only to also mention his miraculous escape from legal consequences for his insider-trading activity to give a clear picture of his real choices.

Keep up the good work.

John M. Hales
Laguna Beach, Calif.

‘Buy’ orders for Fowler and Spieth
Regarding Mike Purkey’s buy/sell (“Purkey’s picks: 5 ‘buys’ and 5 ‘sells’,” Oct. 26): You can have my Tommy Fleetwood and Joaquin Niemann stock, since you’re buying it. I’ll take your Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth markers.

Phil Mickelson’s legacy in the game is set, with five majors among 43 PGA Tour victories (“Mickelson nears end, but does he know it?” Oct. 25).

I used to like Mickelson. I’ve seen two pro golfers intentionally strike a moving ball: Mickelson and John Daly. Bad company, I can’t deny. Mickelson’s 2014 Ryder Cup comments were not appropriate, nor was his “it’s a waste of my time” comment after this year’s competition. He did not deserve to be on that team.

I’ve checked out on Mickelson. When he’s done bowling, he should stop by the barber shop. I’ll probably cough up the 20 bucks on Black Friday, and I’ll be rooting for Tiger Woods.

Gregg Cook
Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Temper the criticism and the superlatives, please
Gotta love Morning Read for the daily “inbox.” It is interesting to read the letters to the editor and the passion of contributors’ opinions.

One thought I have is, if you have had a personal interaction with Johnny Miller, Paul Azinger, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, John Hawkins, Alex Miceli, et al., you can voice an opinion, pro or con, about them. Otherwise, the rhetoric may be flawed and reflect no understanding of the person.

I do have a concern that we are at the age of superlatives versus reasonable assessment. G.O.A.T., or “greatest of all-time,” is an example. Maybe we should temper our praise to "greatest of the moment" (e.g., shot, catch, throw, dunk, running back, golfer) rather than G.O.A.T. Or the “worst ever of the moment” and not of all-time.

Golf broadcasters are guilty of calling an upcoming shot as “almost impossible” or “extremely difficult,” only to see the ball finish a few inches or feet from the hole. But the talking heads are paid to provide drama of a sort and do not mention that the golfer may have practiced the shot a few times or more.

Regarding the upcoming Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match: Why get all worked up into a lather about a contrived, purely entertainment event?

Maybe Jim Kavanagh was almost right about spending $19.99 on various other items (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 26). Sorry, Jim, but Ray-Bans are not one of them.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

Worse than a 7-10 split
Looks like Hawkins got all the Phillies stirred up (“Mickelson nears end, but does he know it?” Oct. 25). I might have approached Pillsbury or Michelin seeking payola instead of describing Phil Mickelson as having “the body of a bowler.”

How does Mickelson get a pass on his selfish Ryder Cup participation? Even if he were playing well, Le Golf National, by his own statements, was not made for his game. He should have told U.S. captain Jim Furyk to select another player.

Just refer to 2014 and Mickelson’s stated desire to have the U.S. team win. It sounds a bit hollow now after his recent predictable poor performance.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

Chinese misstep
This is not the way that a country should promote participation in a sport on a world stage by gifted and talented athletes (“In the news,” Oct. 24). This is a step backward for mainline China.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

Fan gives edge to women over men
I have come to the conclusion that the only reason why PGA Tour pros win tournaments is because of the courses and Tour officials’ catering to their whims and demands. They could not produce even-par scores in the Ryder Cup to win a hole because of 30-yard-wide fairways, deep rough and out-of-bounds/penalty areas. But give them wide-open fairways, 2-inch rough, no OB or penalty areas and they produce subpar scores.

Each hole should have boundaries down both sides, and anything outside of that area should be OB. Tour pros are supposed to be professional golfers, not long-drive exhibitionists.

I'm beginning to prefer watching the women play. They hit great shots and make putts without all the attempts to impress their gallery with their green-reading powers and then miss the putt, like their male counterparts. The men don't impress me at all. I just get disgusted and change channels.

Bobby Goforth
Bristol, Tenn.

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