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‘Bravado’? No, Miller is merely an announcer
“Unwavering bravado and complete fearlessness”? Give me a break. It sounds as though Johnny Miller just returned from war. Ron Kroichick’s words are easy to choke on (“Miller’s candor defines golf analysis on TV,” Oct. 24).

Why do we wax poetically about our sports announcers? I realize that we invite these witnesses to our sporting events into our homes and spend quality leisure time with them, but to say the landscape of golf changed as a result of their skills behind the microphone is foolish.

One of the many reasons that some may have disliked Miller was his penchant for bringing an air of impending doom. My dislike ran deep, to the point of turning down the sound or not watching NBC-covered events.

Certainly, Johnny Miller was an accomplished golfer, and a broadcaster who had a long career, but to put him on such a pedestal is beyond my sense of reason.

Kroichick ends his article with, “In the end, we all learned a few things about golf.” Yes, I agree. We learned that golf transcends any attempt to bend, shape or, in the case of Johnny Miller, mutilate it.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

Azinger’s divinely-inspired retort
I am surprised that in covering Johnny Miller’s retirement and his replacement in the tower, Paul Azinger, no one has mentioned their unique connection in providing unfiltered commentary.

Back when Azinger was still competing on the PGA Tour, Miller made one of his “choke" comments about a ’Zinger shot during a Ryder Cup match. Of course, 'Zinger was asked about the comment after his round and, still a little hot, he replied that Miller was "the biggest moron in the TV booth." Asked again the following morning, a cooler 'Zinger said he had been misquoted and that he actually had said Miller is "the biggest Mormon."

It was an inspired, and very funny, walk-back of an ill-considered comment made in the heat of the moment. If ’Zinger maintains the ability to think on his feet like that, he'll be just fine.

Blaine Walker
St. Paul, Minn.

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