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A few words of caution for Azinger
I hope Jeff Babineau’s interview of Paul Azinger in Tuesday’s Morning Read is not an indication of how much Azinger is going to talk when he finally takes over from Johnny Miller (“Azinger’s plan: ‘Keep calling it like it is’,” Oct. 23).

I had to refill my coffee cup twice before I could finish reading it. Obviously, the guy likes to talk … and talk a lot.

Seemingly every time golf fans discuss announcers, there is mention of the delightful way in which the British perform the task of announcing a tournament. Just the right amount, pleasant, witty at times, but nothing overdone. It is an absolute joy to listen to them. I couldn't help thinking of the phrase, Be careful what you wish for.

Hopefully, all will turn out fine.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

Norse, of course
Forget all this chatter about golf in the fall (“Fall golf: What’s not to love about it?” Oct. 22; “From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 23). I'll take the good old summertime any day. More daylight, no jackets or long pants, the ball flies farther and the grass is greener.

If you really enjoy that crisp, cool morning, move to Norway.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

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