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Delicious anticipation of Ryder Cup
Alex Miceli, you had me at “croissant.” What an excellent article to remind us that there can be more than golf in Paris this week (“Touring Paris for a pastry par excellence,” Sept. 26).

The event is shaping up as a fascinating test of skill and teamwork. I look forward to early rising to see this live and hope that the reputation (often false) of French aloofness does indeed filter down to the crowd such that we avoid much of the boorish behavior that has become too common at these tests. Let's cheer hard but cheer fair while we enjoy the skills that we surely will witness.

Let us all also try to find a way to savor a fine chocolate croissant and a steaming café au lait while we do so. Prendre plaisir!

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

Tour finale needs match play
It's interesting to read the various proposed tweaks to the Tour Championship (“Tour’s new playoffs leave odd endgame,” Sept. 19).

However, a true championship would involve head-to-head match play – perhaps the final eight after two rounds of stroke play. The top eight would play down to a champion and to accommodate TV coverage. Let all eight continue playing runner-up matches for some money.

Gordon Williams
Canfield, Ohio

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