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Don’t compare Woods with Nicklaus
The various contributions to Tuesday’s Morning Read were as predictable as they were off the chart in hero worship (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 25).

The very worst example was the one elevating Tiger Woods to equal or higher status than Jack Nicklaus (“Get ready for Woods’ next history lesson,” Sept. 25). By any measure, that is a questionable assertion.

Last I checked, Nicklaus still leads the pack in major victories. And, perhaps of greater importance, Jack Nicklaus always conducted himself on and off the golf course in an exemplary manner.

I don’t recall seeing that in the comparisons.

Ted Comstock
Lancaster, N.H.

Yoo-hoo, Tiger haters … Where are you?
Where are all of the Tiger Woods haters hiding? (“Woods proves he’s still got it,” Sept. 24).

All season, they have been complaining that TV is showing too much of Woods and that he is washed up and never will win again. The young guns said they wanted to go against Woods on a Sunday and show him who was the best. Yes, just like Rory McIlroy, who folded like a cheap suit, and Justin Rose, who was all over the course until he finally got it together for the last hole to win the FedEx Cup.

Tiger Woods drives golf, and people love him.

Michael Daniel

Woods rescues his legacy
It is unfair to jump on those who were critical of Tiger Woods in recent years, because I can't recall anything like this ever happening in the world of professional sports in the past.

Ever since his troubles began in November 2009, I felt fortunate to have witnessed his ability on the golf course and what he did for the sport. His private life was his business and never detracted from his ability on the course, although I will concede that it came as a shock to me.

It appears to have come full circle now, and I am very happy for Woods. Is he or will he be the same player as in the past? That is yet to be decided, but I am glad that when the time comes for Woods to put the clubs away for the last time, it will occur under much better circumstances.

He has rescued his legacy. Well done, Tiger.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

Ditch ‘The Match’ and rerun Hogan vs. Snead
Now that Tiger Woods has beaten Phil Mickelson by 24 strokes when it counted, who cares about their duel after Thanksgiving?

I would rather watch a “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf” rerun of Ben Hogan vs. Sam Snead.

Joe Matula
Palos Park, Ill.

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