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Twinkle, twinkle little star, keep playoffs as they are
I understand that Gary Van Sickle is not the brightest LED on the Christmas tree, but what's wrong with the current Tour Championship? (“Tour lives up to hype in year of surprises,” Sept., 20).

OK, maybe the majors could have their award points juiced a little, but I like the tournament within the FedEx Cup competition. It's not like golf commentators have something more interesting to say than describing the points scenarios. And it's kind of fun having the tournament winner asking how he did, FedEx-wise.

This staggered start idea is ludicrous (“Tour’s new playoffs leave odd endgame,” Sept. 19). It sullies the tournament and makes things truly bizarre for the casual watcher. Everyone mentions his concern with seeing big-name leaders being spotted a bundle of strokes. What about the bottom 10 guys who start off buried? What are they playing for? See if you can get in the top 10?

Just leave it or just tweak the points. As in other cases, there is no problem with bifurcation. Have a tournament and a FedEx Cup competition. And listen to smart guys for once.

Martin Donnelly
Elmhurst, Ill.

Planting seeds for a better PGA Tour finale
For those so upset at “seeding” the FedEx standings at the Tour Championship next year, a few points:

It has been seeded since the start of the FedEx Cup. You hadn’t noticed before?

Just next year everyone will be able to understand, instantly, where they stand. No more reliance on secret computer modeling and black-box scoring (“This birdie putt would put Studley up six spots in the rankings, with 0.4235 additional FedEx points….”)

Did you ever check the math Steve Sands reported on TV? Get Monday’s box scores and a calculator and go to town? I didn’t think so.

Do you watch the Tour de France and get outraged that everyone doesn’t start the Final Stage into Paris at 0:00? I didn’t think so.

Would you pay millions of dollars to sponsor the FedEx Cup, the Race to Dubai, etc., and then promote the hell out of a “season-long” race, and then say, “Nah. One of these 30 guys actually just needs four good rounds at the right time. Because that’s fair, and honest.”

Gene Richard
Newton, Mass.

Toughen course and leave ball alone
I have been reading about the ball/distance issue for a while, and I agree with the readers who think adjusting the ball is not the solution.

All other sports that have professional leagues (and amateurs play) use the same ball.

Because the only way some see an equalizer is to lengthen the course, instead, how about making it more difficult? Longer rough, narrower fairways, higher-lipped bunkers, slower greens.

For most of us weekend players, we play on this type of course all the time.

Make the slice/hook more penal. Make the risk/reward shot really risk/reward. Bring back the shot-maker.

Andy Locke
Brandeston, England

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