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Keep it simple for Tour Championship
It seems too simple to me. The top 30 players have played well to get to the Tour Championship. Let them start off all even. Whoever plays the best, wins (“Tour lives up to hype in year of surprises,” Sept. 20).

Too simple. This is not a member-guest tournament. It is the playoffs.

Jay Scattergood
Oley, Pa.

Tiger Woods’ return to form is no surprise
I have followed various articles on Tiger Woods over his recovery years and was always of the opinion that if his recovery was successful, he would be back with a roar (“Woods gears up for unfinished business,” Sept. 20).

He was so good in his earlier years that it was a no-brainer he would be a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for your contribution and insight.

John Brown
Fredericton, New Brunswick

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