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Furyk had an ulterior motive with Mickelson pick
Jim Furyk choked yet again, which of course is no surprise (“ ‘Impossible not to pick’ Finau, Furyk says,” Sept. 11).

There is no place on the U.S. Ryder Cup team for Phil Mickelson, whose play has been erratic, at best. Xander Schauffele earned that spot and deserved to be on the team. He would have made the team stronger. By contrast, Mickelson makes it weaker.

Obviously, Furyk was just eager to see Mickelson surpass him as the biggest loser in Ryder Cup history.

Bill McClintock
Greenville, S.C.

Do we want to win or watch 2 ‘losers’?
I have read all of the comments as to why Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were picked for the U.S. Ryder Cup team (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 10), but I'll pose a question. Which would we rather have: a winning team or a big gallery watching two losers, one over the hill and the other complaining about his putter not working?

It's a given that the putter is only an extension of the player, so how does that blame the putter?

I could pick three other U.S. golfers who can play better.

Bobby Goforth
Bristol, Tenn.

Furyk’s friendship with Mickelson could cost U.S.
If it was impossible not to pick Tony Finau for the Ryder Cup, why didn't U.S. captain Jim Furyk pick Finau as one of his first three picks? (“ ‘Impossible not to pick’ Finau, Furyk says,” Sept. 11).

Here is one theory: Furyk knew that if he didn't select Phil Mickelson (his buddy) as one of the first three picks, his defense of Mickelson as a fourth pick would be so weak as to be embarrassing (“Mickelson, Woods win another Ryder shot,” Sept. 5). It would have been obvious that Mickelson didn't belong on the team, knowing players such as Xander Schauffele and others deserved to be.

Furyk chose loyalty to one over loyalty to team. It’s a mistake that I hope doesn't cost our team a victory.

Joe Hughes
Gambrills, Md.

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