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All that spit, and Mickelson still gets a pick
So, let me get this straight: Phil Mickelson spits in the face of golf’s integrity. He spits in the face of golf’s rules. He spits in the face of the respect for the game. He spits in the face of golf’s soul. And he does this on center stage in the biggest U.S. national golf tournament, in front of millions of people (“Mickelson, USGA disgrace U.S. Open,” June 17). Plus, he has a losing Ryder Cup record. And he still gets chosen to represent the U.S. (“Mickelson, Woods win another Ryder Shot,” Sept. 5). Unbelievable.

What happened to bringing some of the good young respectful American golfers into the fold? On the road is the perfect time to do that. I’m sure that Xander Schauffele, who plays big in big tournaments and is the defending FedEx Cup champion, and Kevin Kisner, who was undefeated in the 2017 Presidents Cup, and Tony Finau, who’s having a career year, would love to be on the Ryder Cup team. But, no.

So, I guess that leaves two questions: Who will be the fourth pick, and will Mickleson’s halo have a Ryder Cup logo on it?

Ken Drake
Albany, Ore.

Let the contrarian views commence
Thank you, Morning Read, for providing the forum for opinions and observations by readers on the world of golf. Some comments are timely, some opinionated, some leave you scratching your head in wonderment. Even some of the featured contributing writers evoke similar reactions.

But the best thing it offers readers is the entertainment it brings to the table. With the topic du jour generally being driven by the most recent happenings in golf, I look forward to the analysis, dissection, rants, raves and opinions of readers over the captain's picks for the Ryder Cup exhibition.

Let the emails begin.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

Furyk caves in picking Mickelson, Woods
I am disappointed with Jim Furyk (“Mickelson, Woods win another Ryder Shot,” Sept. 5).

I was hoping he was going to transform the U.S. Ryder Cup team by selecting a youthful team looking into the future. We got a good rookie in Bryson DeChambeau, who’s playing well, and two over-the-hill players who can’t drive the ball straight in Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. Good luck at Le Golf National with 30-yard sprays left and right.

I can’t believe Furyk, it seems, succumbed to the pressure from the PGA of America and did not select one of the hottest players, and No. 4 in the FedEx Cup rankings, Tony Finau. He deserved to have been picked this time, before Woods or Mickelson.

Furyk also left out the opportunity of picking up a few players who are young and have been pretty consistent through the year, Xander Schauffele, Kyle Stanley or Kevin Kisner. Instead, we get Woods and Mickelson, great players, but let’s face it, their glory days are pretty much over. It’s time to move the U.S. team forward!

Needless to say, I won’t be watching. What a joke, but the joke is on us.

Hector R. Fernandez
Wilmington, N.Y.

Van Sickle had it right the first time
Gary Van Sickle should have stuck to his instincts when he stated that Phil Mickelson’s antics at the U.S. Open should have disqualified him for Ryder Cup consideration (“Mickelson, USGA disgrace U.S. Open,” June 17); (“Mickelson, Woods win another Ryder Shot,” Sept. 5).

Like the USGA, Jim Furyk showed no courage and took the easy way out. Why was Mickelson such an obvious choice, considering how average his play has been this year? Is this who the U.S. wants representing it, someone who is looking to show how smart he is in circumventing the Rules of Golf?

Gary Cohen
Great Neck, N.Y.

Finau earned the carrot
I cannot for the life of me figure out why U.S. Ryder Cup captain Jim Furyk failed to take Tony Finau along with the other three captain’s picks. It’s clear that Finau is the choice.

Why not pick him with Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and give them an even better bond going together? Is Furyk trying to see whether Finau can withstand the pressure this week?

Finau showed that he can stand up – literally – to adversity, given his hyperextended ankle during the Masters Par 3 Contest.

Come on. I find it childish, actually. Hold the carrot and make Finau beg?

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

A salute for ‘dedication to perfection’
In our sanitized world where we consume at our leisure, we often do not consider the difficult work that contributes to convenient choices. This theme extends to my appreciation of professional golf and the supporting industry that brings this to our living rooms each weekend. We viewers take for granted the enormous logistics of presenting a television production, a tournament preparation by the host club, the numbers of volunteers, and untold behind-the-scene effort that culminates in a successful event.

After watching the Dell Technologies Championship on television Monday, I attended the practice round at Aronimink on Tuesday at noon. To witness the players who were just in the Boston area the night before, including the champion, Bryson DeChambeau, practicing in stifling 90-plus-degree heat was amazing to me. Standing closely behind him on a 245-yard par-3, I heard him debate his choice of club, and the result was spectacular. I could not be more impressed. The dedication to perfection was inspiring.

A tip of my hat to all those hard-working professionals who enable me to enjoy this sport from the comfort of my easy chair, including the journalists from Morning Read.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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