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Tour playoffs or tuna on toast? It’s all the same
I enjoyed reading Allen Freeman's comments concerning the playoff concept (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 31).

The playoff format compares to reading a menu with 125 entrees in a New York City Greek diner. Customers look at it for 10 seconds, throw it back on the table and order a tuna on toast and coffee.

The PGA Tour already is skating on thin ice with the FedEx Cup format. You'd think at the very least that Tour officials would want to make it easy for golf fans to understand. Golfers want to watch a playoff tournament, not do research with a calculator.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

Atlanta needs 40-man field for stroke-play finale
Trying to “fix” the FedEx Cup is an interesting quandary … or is it?

The point system needs to be adjusted so that fans understand it better, but making the final event match play is not going to happen, nor is cutting the final field to 16. The PGA Tour and the players never would go for either of those formats simply because they do not have a flow, nor do they justify traveling and getting knocked out on the first day. That was the issue with the WGC Match Play until they changed that format and it became a much better event.

So, to Allen Freeman, I say good try, but no thanks. I want 40 players in Atlanta.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

A playoff format that simply adds up
My plan for the PGA Tour playoffs: Simple math plus combine medal and match play for the Tour Championship in the last week.

Players advance from week to week by the lowest sum of their position of entry with position of finish. Example: Enter at No. 25, finish seventh, sum is 32. Compare sums to see who moves on. Renumber for the next entry position. The final week would be with ‘X’ number of players (could be 30, like now) for 36-hole medal play on Thursday and Friday. The low 16 sums advance to Saturday and Sunday (morning and afternoon each day) match play, winner-take-all, with seeding by the low sums.

It’s math that everyone can understand, with an exciting finish.

Frank Mauz

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