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Shooting a hole into PGA Tour’s ‘trial balloon’
I strongly disagree with the trial balloon that the PGA Tour put out Monday (“Finally, Tour playoffs that make sense,” Aug. 28). This idea fixes nothing and goes in the wrong direction. I would prefer the current system.

Giving strokes to professional golfers within a singular event is the antithesis of the pro game, and I would argue professional sporting events in general. This isn't a match between club members who don't play as much as each other and need an outside leveling agent (handicap strokes) to have a good match.

In the NFL playoffs, do you give the best-seeded teams a free touchdown? Of course not. It just leads to runaways, which is what will happen here. If you gave Justin Thomas 10 strokes on Xander Schauffele last year, Thomas would have won by nine strokes when Schauffele played the tournament of his life. So why is he even in the field if you just want the top-ranked guys to have a chance?

If you just want to reward those at the top of the FedEx Cup rankings, make the Tour Championship an eight- or 16-man match-play event and be done with it. The rankings heading into the event perfectly seed that event.

Playoffs in every other major sport involve direct head-to-head competition. Golf should crown its season champion the same way. It’s a concept that everyone will understand, especially nongolfers, who it appears are the target for these changes.

Having the Tour Championship end in drama-ridden match-play directly in front of the Ryder/Presidents cup action yearly would be ideal.

Hans Mahler
Leesburg, Va.

Why wait until ’19 to change PGA Tour playoffs?
Gary Van Sickle’s article today was one of the best (“Finally, Tour playoffs that make sense,” Aug. 28). I’m not sure if it's just the FedEx points subject, but his summary and analysis are right on.

Golf is so slow to move on anything, and this one-year plan is better. Why don't they just do it now, this year? Players would love it, and TV fans, too. They’d just have to fix the cut elimination and keep those who make the playoffs in until the final elimination for the championship.

Tom Rademacher
Mears, Mich.

Match up men and women in winner-take-all finale
With all of the hype about the FedEx Cup, or the effort being made by TV stations to get everyone amped up, I just don’t care about the cup or the playoffs.

Why not a cup with a winner-take-all? Involve the women and let them play from their tees against the men, who of course would play from their tees. I would sit at home during football season and watch that. Watching golf instead of NASCAR, football or basketball is a no-brainer for me.

Kenneth C. Taylor
Fort Worth, Texas

Step right up and enter golf’s big top
Ron Yujuico makes a keen observation about professional versus amateur golf (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 27). It's like comparing Major League Baseball to a church softball league, as far as skills and ability are concerned.

Truly the professional golf tours are more entertainment than sports events. It is like when the circus comes to town for a week. Instead of trains, the professional golfers arrive in private jets. They thrill the townies with amazing feats of skill and grace for a week, then they strike the tent, climb into their jets and move to the next stop on the circuit.

The teachers and equipment companies try to convince us that we are playing the same game. I know, though, that most of us would not last three steps on the high wire or do back flips on the flying trapeze.

I guess we can keep dreaming.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

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