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Ho-hum … it’s the playoffs … zzzz
Am I in the minority to have little enthusiasm for the FedEx Cup and to care little of the outcome? (“End of another era for Tour playoffs,” Aug. 20).

The FedEx Cup is touted as a playoff, but players can choose to skip events. Players can win two, maybe even three, of the events and still lose. Showing the current ranking of the player, and projected ranking of the player based on his current score, doesn’t stir much excitement in me, either.

I don’t sense the intensity, the drama, the electricity that I feel watching the playoffs for other sports. I don’t think the players feel any great zeal to participate, either. The reason they play is because of the multimillion-dollar payout. The players are enticed to participate.

I’m pretty sure the players for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, NBA’s Golden State Warriors and NHL’s Washington Capitals would have played solely for the glory of holding the trophy and being called champions. Most golfers, I don’t think, would do the same.

If the golfers aren’t enthused, why should we be? As in previous years, I won’t be watching much of the FedEx Cup “playoffs.”

Joe Hughes
Gambrills, Md.

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