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A toast to the essence of golf
While I can't disagree that Tiger Woods has changed the face of the game in every way and, yes, so notably in terms of the physical conditions of the tour pro. I would however offer that most of the guys I see playing on local pay-as-play courses in no way resemble that type of athlete. And, yes, at many clubs the game is still very much about a “game” and the social aspects related to it (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 20).

I play against the course and myself and play with my friends and family. It's not about the score as much as it is about being active outside, participating in a game/sport that I have decent skills at and equally important playing alongside people whose company I enjoy. I am happy to enjoy a beer while playing and always enjoy a post-round sit-down to socialize.

If we decide that golf is only a sport, then I think we will lose the essence of the game. We have seen in all activities that have become fixated only on the sport the growth of the pressures of winning, performing and beating the other guy/gal/team. The fun for many then disappears, and they leave what was once a fun activity. Ask around and listen to how many people say, “Oh, I used to play but not anymore.” Maybe it's because the fun was gone.

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

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