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Mislabeled as Tour Finals
The Tour Finals are misnamed because the series has nothing to do with the Tour. The Tour ended Sunday, period.

First off, the Tour Finals are composed of half of the field who were PGA Tour players for the entire year and had nothing to do with the Tour and the other half who don't want to have anything to do ever again with the Tour.

It should be called the PGA Tour Qualifying Finals, presented by

I quiz my friends every year, and not one of them actually understands what those four tournaments do and who is eligible to play in them. I defy the PGA Tour to tell me that I am wrong. You must be a super fan to understand the deal.

It shows me how little respect the PGA Tour has for its fans: not much.

When they call it the Tour Finals, to me that means you are trying to get on the Tour for the next year.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla. 

Golf is a sport, not a game
Golf is a sport, and playing it well requires athletic ability. Tiger Woods deserves the credit for demonstrating that fact to the golfing world (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 20).

In the past, golf was viewed as a game enjoyed by a wealthy few at prestigious country clubs where drinking and socializing were just as important as “playing the game.” What people failed to realize was that those who excelled in the “game” did so because they had a superior athletic ability and were physically fit.  

Thank you, Tiger Woods. Golf is not a game. Golf is a sport.

Ron Yujuico
Euless, Texas

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