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Woods brought game into new era
This is the analysis: Tiger Woods made golf a sport, period (“Tiger’s effect on golf? Not what you think,” Aug. 17).

Jack Nicklaus has talked about the “game of golf” for multiple decades. That’s the wrong terminology after Woods. Today’s players are athletes, and a major portion of the distance debate is due to their strength. That is what propels the better equipment to incredible performances.

Nicklaus was the best of the non-athletic era. Woods leads in the athletic/sport era.

Most of Nicklaus’ rivals were Americans. Clearly, since 2000, today’s player competes against the world.

Today professional golf is a sport, and Woods is the one who put it there. That is his legacy.

Al Fiscus
Searcy, Ark.

Woods, Jordan and fickle fans
The problem is that a lot of the people who view golf tournaments in which Tiger Woods is playing are not much, if at all, into golf.

They are like I was with the NBA when Michael Jordan played. I would watch only those games in which he played because I really liked his spectacular play. When he retired, so did I.

Without Woods, these people do not watch, either. The hard-core golfers watch most of the time, and that group is not growing much.

Obviously, Woods did little for sales of Nike golf equipment or the company still would be in the golf business. Rory Mcllroy wasn't Nike’s savior, either. 

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

A smile for Miceli
I loved Alex Miceli’s article about the Tiger effect and could not agree more (“Tiger’s effect on golf? Not what you think,” Aug. 17).

Your closing statement made me smile. Keep up the great work.

Linda Dillenbeck
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Spot-on and all for real
Great article on Tiger Woods’ effect on our game. Spot-on and very well-articulated. Not fake news.

Ed Mitchell
Jackson, Mich.

The answer should be obvious
All this talk about who deserves to be on the U.S. team – as a Brit, I can't believe it. It should be obvious (“Furyk must recognize Woods’ baggage,” Aug. 16).

A new kid on the block started playing in the PGA Tour in 2018, and his record is already fantastic. Just treat him as a rookie and include him. His name, of course, is Tiger Woods.

Terry Wall
Winchester, England

Nominate Woods, Mickelson for Nostalgia Cup
Let's just forget this nonsense about making Phil Mickelson as a captain's pick for the Ryder Cup (“Finau birdies his way into Ryder talk,” Aug. 16). I know the entire spectacle is just an exhibition, but it seems the jingoistic nationalists put a lot of stock in victory. Mickelson’s recent form indicates an older guy who is worn out from a difficult year.

Tiger Woods might be able to handle the job one more time, but one must consider whose spot he would take (“Furyk must recognize Woods’ baggage,” Aug. 16). After all, Woods is going to be a part-time player, at best. Who knows? After the FedEx Cup playoffs, he might be confined to bed rest again.

Maybe the powers will develop a Senior Ryder Cup so the old guys still can compete. We can call it the Nostalgia Cup.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

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