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PGA setup has been a letdown
The PGA Championship at Bellerive is a total-joke setup. The worst was the 298-yard drivable par-4 11th hole – as if the players needed another gift. The course already has wide fairways, playable rough and rather easy hole locations, considering the soft greens.

This tournament should have been played in one of the Northern states by the border, where temperatures are much cooler in the summer. It doesn't feel like a major to me but rather a regular Tour event with the easy course setup.

The PGA of America should have narrowed the fairways very tightly and grown the rough much higher, and then a drivable par 4 as a break would make sense.

A major championship should be a much more difficult setup than regular Tour events, taking into consideration the equipment and ball. Just four times a season isn't asking much. So what if the players gripe about the setup? It's supposed to be a very difficult course as a major.

Gregory Tatoian
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

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