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DeChambeau lacks control for Ryder Cup
Bryson DeChambeau has the potential to be a very good player, but I don’t think he’s ready to be part of a Ryder Cup team (“DeChambeau chases Ryder dreams at PGA,” Aug. 9).

He’s too volatile, as we saw two weeks ago in Europe with his temper tantrum. He appears to be immature and not able to deal with the ups and downs of his game, such as when he withdrew from the John Deere Classic, claiming an injured right shoulder, but miraculously he was fine one week later at the British Open.

The Ryder Cup is about team and strategy, and I don’t think DeChambeau would be a good fit, at least not this time around.

Hector Fernandez
Wilmington, N.Y.

Simplify proposed green-reading rule
The USGA's proposed rule on green-reading books has too many technicalities to be effective (“Proposed green-reading limits miss mark,” Aug. 1).

If the intent is to speed pace of play and rely on player skill to analyze the shot at hand, make the rule super simple: allow GPS/rangefinders for all levels of play and ban all written materials. Shoot the yardage, hit the shot, go.

Allen Freeman
Brecksville, Ohio

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